Target Food Co. S.A.L

Our Services

At Target Food Co, we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive food import and distribution services. Our role extends beyond simple supply; we ensure a steady stream of a diverse range of high-quality food and non-food items to major supermarkets across Lebanon. Our strong network and efficient logistics ensure timely delivery, contributing to a seamless shopping experience for the end consumer.
Top Products and Top Quality

Our mission

Our mission is to bring global flavors to the local market, offering Lebanese consumers a wide selection of quality and value-for-money products. We strive to uphold international standards in all our operations, while continuously seeking improvements in our sales and distribution services. We are driven by customer satisfaction, propelled by continuous market research, and guided by a team of dedicated professionals.

Why Choose Target Food

High-Quality Products

We provide a diverse range of superior, value-for-money food and non-food products from around the world.

Reliable Distribution

Our efficient logistics ensure timely delivery to supermarkets across Lebanon.

Customer Satisfaction

We are committed to exceeding customer expectations with our professional services and continuous market research.