Country of Origin: Turkey
Category: Wide range of confectionery (sweet and salted).
Launching date : 2002

Çubuk stick crackers

Chest stick crackers

Twitto crackers

Afet biscuit with spread chocolate

Tio dobi biscuit with marshmallow and strawberry

Bronz cake

Double Up

Bronz chocolate cake with choco sauce


Paye cake with choco sauce


Paye cake cocoa


Paye cake with fruits


Paye cakes

RoysRoll cakes


L’Amore biscuits


Windy sand. bisc. with cocoa cream


Tio funny cocoa cream biscuit

Paradise fun biscuits

Double Up wafers


Cosku biscuit with cocoa


Jelly bar strawberry


Tio chocolate cornet


Chocolate filled petit beurre biscuit


Finger biscuits


Bien croissants

Wink milk chocolate & caramel


Bence chocolate & caramel


Bien classic cocoa cake w/milk choc


Bien elegance cake w/choc


Bien choco wafer


Milky kid surprise eggs


Chocolate gift boxes

Chocolate gift boxes